Red Roses for Valentine's Day?

The women of Montville Florist ask; why not try something new? A bouquet filled with indigo carnations or cornflower blue hydrangeas, maybe?


A bouquet of red roses sounds lovely – and very traditional - for Valentine’s Day. 

But if you ask Lynne Gaffney and her sister Leah Van Ness, co-owners of Montville Florist, they’ll make some surprising suggestions for Valentine’s Day: dark purple carnations, beautiful blue hydrangeas the size of salad plates, purple irises, even sunflowers.

“Valentines Day is so much more than roses,” Gaffney said.  “Yes, red roses are beautiful and very traditional and many people love them, but there’s a lot of other beautiful options for Valentine’s Day.”

Gaffney said that while she hopes she doesn’t sound sexist, in her experience, many men purchase roses because that’s what they believe they should buy.

“A lot of women would love to receive something different,” she said. Like a mixed bouquet she or Leah create especially for the woman. “I’ll ask, 'what are her favorite colors, flowers' and make suggestions.”

And she said, she and her sister, being Montville natives, “know everybody," which make them a far better choice than an online florist.

“Chances are we know you or went to high school together or lived down the street,” she laughed.

The sisters, who took over the shop from their parents 18 years ago, know their business and their clients. And, Gaffney said, unlike online florists, “we’re here, right here.”

“We’re local and we can bring your flowers to you today,” she said.

So, if you’re in the market for a bouquet for your sweetheart, Montville Florist (in busness for 30 years!) will be open late Wednesday and Thursday – until 7 p.m. as opposed to their normal closing time of 5:30 p.m.



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