Readers' Choice: Where to Take Mom?

Mother's Day is coming up! Where do you plan to take your mom?

When my mother was alive, dining out in restaurants was one of her favorite pastimes. She'd find a place she loved, and a dish she loved, and for weeks or months, whenever we went out, it would be for THAT dish at THAT place.

I grew up in New London, and so for a while, it was the Lighthouse Inn, then Hughie's, then Chuck's, then - for years - Carlo's, where Peter and I told her we were going to marry.

So what about you? When you're taken out for Mother's Day brunch, or Mother's Day dinner, or when you take your own mom out, where do you go?

If you're in the mood for Mother's Day breakfast or brunch in town, there's , and . The is hosting a Mother's Day breakfast, too!

For supper, of course, Chili's is always good and not too expensive. There's the buffet at , , Todd English's Tuscany and many, many more (If you list your favorite in the comments, I'll count that as a vote).

in Colchester won a Readers' Choice poll not too long ago, so that should be included, too!

And again, if you don't see your favorite, please add it in the comment section, and I'll count that as a vote. 

You can vote until Friday at 9 a.m. I'll tally the results and post them over the weekend - in plenty of time for you to decide, or make reservations. Remember, Mother's Day is May 13!

For full Readers' Choice rules click here

Editor's note: Yes, Cafe Mangia is on the poll twice. OOPS! It doesn't mean anything, other than that I was very tired when I created the poll. Sorry!


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