Montville Business Spotlight: Rayvel Holographic Imaging

Holograms. Awesome!

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Business: Rayvel Holographic Imaging

Location: 14 Bridge St., Montville

When and how did your business get started? We started our business in 2003. We built a lab using a giant granite slab placed in a bed of sand to create a vibration free optical table. We added lasers, lenses and mirrors and started making holograms.

Why did you choose the town you did to open your business? We live here in town and we love it.

What is your business best known for? Rayvel designs, develops, manufactures, markets and distributes consumer and industrial photonic technology products. Our products include 3D imaging systems, holographic novelties, artwork for packaging, tradeshow and in-store displays, labels and identifiers for product authenticity and security credentials, diffraction gratings for projection systems, analytical spectroscopy, measurement, and optical networking.

What's something interesting about your business your customers might not know? We have two patents that we have been awarded and two more pending. The patented technology is used in our HoLocator, reflection holograms of street address numbers that fully illuminate from an oncoming vehicle's headlights ( no batteries required). We also designed and built the OTS 2000, an automated measurement system used in the semiconductor industry. We did everything, from the pencil sketch on a napkin to instillation to a Silicon Valley clean room. It can detect and map defects of optical flats down to 1 micron ( approximately 1/1000 the width of a human hair). The OTS 2000 won a Gold Connecticut Quality Improvement Award.

Contact: Phone – 860-848-7422 Email: cia@ravel.com

Website: www.rayvel.com



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