Black Friday Was So Yesterday! [VIDEO]

Today, shop in Montville! And share your favorite local-shopping idea!

All the big-sales-big-stores-big-day stuff is SO YESTERDAY!

Today, the notion – promoted by American Express, by Patch, and by local retailers everywhere – is to shop small. Shop in Montville at stores owned and staffed by Montville people, who then take the money they earn and spend it at other stores in Montville.

According to Boston.com, small retailers that accept American Express saw a 28 percent increase in sales volume on Small Business Saturday last year from the day before.

Here are some shop-small-in-Montville ideas for you:

Buy a gift certificate to your friend’s/spouse’s/relative’s favorite restaurant. Everybody loves pizza, and , , and all would be happy to do gift certificates. If Chinese food is their thing, there are plenty of Chinese restaurants in town, too.

Who doesn’t love a great breakfast? Melanie Lamperelli, who owns , says that gift certificates are very popular, and come in all shapes and sizes. Surely you know someone who’d love an omelet from Mel’s, , a nice plate of , or a delicious Mexican meal from

For the imbibers, how about a gift certificate to one of the local watering holes, or one of Montville's liquor stores?

You can give someone the gift of a beautiful mid-winter tan, or or find a true treasure at the store on Route 82.

Want more? How about a “Go Away” doormat from Or a gorgeous, heavy set of coveralls? How about a roof rake, for the person who complained most about the snow last winter?

How about a dog toy from or a grooming certificate from there, or from?

The list could go on – the point is that while Montville might not have a toy store per se, you can find toys at the antiques and collectible store – or you can contact Lisa Marie Bower (860-823-9763) or Tina Hagerman (860-908-5978) and buy a Montville-opoly set! You might not find a gorgeous pearl necklace in town, but you can go to and have a Christmas basket made, just for you to give.

Want to try something completely different? Go to Dunkin Donuts, or McDonald's (not small businesses, I know) and buy a gift card, and donate it to the Montville Youth Center, which will give it to a Montville teen who might not otherwise have much in his stocking.

While you're there, pick up a Got Youth T-shirt or sweatshirt - it doesn't get more local than that! (Go during the week, Monday-Friday.)

Want to do more good locally? Give some money to Montville Social Services, in the name of your gift recipient. Or give to the Lions, or Rotary, or Montville Youth Football - or any local group or charity that needs donations. Your friend or spouse or relative will get the best gift of all - the feeling of having helped.

So try it! Shift the paradigm a little, and see if you can spend more of your money in the town that you love – today and every day.

Happy shopping!

What's your favorite shop-local idea? Please tell us in the comment box at the bottom of this story!


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