Putting Away Christmas

Packing up the decorations is always an adventure.

Today I took on the task of putting away the Christmas decorations. Even though I didn’t put out anywhere near all our collection, I dread the chore, because I know I left the half picked-through boxes strewn around the various places we store our Christmas things. Still, I forge ahead since it’s easier to do so before it becomes urgent, like the day before Valentine’s Day. 

Last year I tried packing things up more compactly and in a more sensible manner. This was a mistake, since it took half the season and caused much angst before my husband was able to find my collection of Christmas serving plates and vintage Christmas angels. I now realize that even if it doesn’t make sense to keep some items in the cedar closet, some in the attic, some in the crawl space off my older son’s room, some in the dining room closet and some in the ornament section of the basement, once something is put in one of these places, I should just leave it there because that’s the only place my brain will remember to find it.

This year I am gleefully wrapping things in the brand new tissue paper that I must have bought at Costco one year and forgot I had and throwing away all the bits and pieces I had previously used over and over again. As I’m doing so, I’m pondering how amazing it is that although this task has my full attention, I will have absolutely no memory of it next year when I take everything out again. 

I complain to my husband that my favorite vintage Christmas angels should not have to be stored in a beat-up cardboard box but deserve a special plastic bin like he uses for his vast collection of colored lights. He offers to make a trip to Value Village to buy me a bin, but then I remember that so much as changing the box can result in my losing the whole lot forever. 

No matter how much time I spend scouring the house for every last Christmas item, I will undoubtedly find at least half a dozen things I’ve left out in the coming weeks. Just like I finally found the one Santa I searched for throughout the season which finally turned up today as I was putting things away. Why should this year be any different. 

I especially enjoy packing up the new items I received as gifts that will be a complete surprise when I open the boxes next season.  

Here’s to next year, and Happy New Year everyone!

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Elizabeth Carlson January 07, 2013 at 02:01 PM
Great piece. I identify with it 100%! It made me chuckle!!! Thanks Betsy.
Ashley Tarr January 07, 2013 at 03:17 PM
Agreed! Sunday afternoon was quite the process. Some of the highlights included figuring out how to get the (huge) tree out of the door, and looking to see if we'd saved any of the packages the ornaments/decorations came in. Thanks for your insight, Betsy!
Carol Harris January 07, 2013 at 03:30 PM
Betsy, This is great! I can relate to this completely! I elected to only putting out a few things this year since we were going away for the holidays, but wanted to get in the holiday mood. Trying to go thru the boxes up in the attic was hard, but that repacking is the pits, and wrapping things up in the 20year old tissue paper is so true! Thanks for posting what we all go thru- nice to know we are not alone!


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