We Hope You Enjoyed PatchCamp!

It was made possible by the remarkable effort and creativity of Katrina Cribley and Ellen Hillman

As spring was winding down, I got a crazy idea: Patch could really help people by coming up with one fun thing to do with the kids every single day of the summer.

I ran the idea by my boss, who approved it, and then went out to find people who could come up with months' worth of fun ideas for you and your children.

Katrina Cribley and Ellen Hillman both write columns for the Montville Patch (Katrina's Corner and Kids, Crafts and Concoctions, respectively). Both are mothers. Both lead busy, hectic, full lives. And both agreed to participate.

From June 21 to today, we've given readers a daily dose of fun, an idea, a thought, a trip, a concept - something you could do with the kids, or the grandkids - and many of them were free.

Some of the highlights?

Some of the ideas are summertime-only - but many could be used year-round.

So check one out, and then look down at the bottom of the page and you will see many more PatchCamp stories! Use them, enjoy them, add your own ideas.

I think it was an amazing feat that we pulled off - and so it seems right to salute Katrina and Ellen, the PatchCamp lead counselors. Thank you!



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