L+M Hospital Has Big Birthday Story

Mom and Dad have their first baby at same hospital where they were born - and they were born on the very same day in 1990.

It turns out that Anna-Marie Craven of Ledyard, and Nicholas Clarke of Groton, have known each other from the day they were born.

On Jan. 30, 1990, they were both born at within less than three hours of each other.

On March 22, they added to the family-hospital connection with the birth of their son, Carter-Lee Wilson Craven, nicknamed “Big Bubba,” who was born at nine pounds, nine ounces.

“They were probably next to each other in the nursery and here it is, all these years later, and they’ve got a baby of their own,” said Kim Coughlin, Carter-Lee’s grandmother, who rocked “Big Bubba” in her arms Thursday afternoon in a room on L+M’s Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Post-Partum Unit.

Anna-Marie and Nicholas are engaged to be married.

While cuddling their newborn, both recalled the day they realized they shared not only the same age, but the same birthday.

“We had to show our IDs to each other, just to prove it,” Nicholas said.

And when they realized they were both born at L+M within hours of each other – and that they were so close to each other at the beginning of their lives – well, it seemed like destiny.

“We were just friends at that point, but things progressed,” Anna-Marie said.  “We are very blessed. It’s a miracle. God works in mysterious ways and God put Nick and me together for this beautiful blessing.”

The information in this article was supplied by Lawrence + Memorial Hospital.


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