Weather Advisory, Montville: Gusty Wind, Blowing Snow, Bitter Cold

For tonight and Sunday, 3 to 5 inches of snow, forecast says


The gusty winds have started and will continue overnight. We'll have sustained winds of 24 mph and gusts to 40. And it will get very cold. The forecast calls for a low of 13, so watch those pipes.

The forecast looks the same for Sunday with temps getting up to about 27 but still with strong, gusty winds. Dare I say it ...you know what that could mean.

Snow? Not much, maybe and inch or two, but you never know.

The National Weather Service radar map shows we could get more if this nor'easter moves closer to the coast.

But tonight will be a a clear sky and lots of stars. 

No meteorites or asteroids predicted, as far as I know. Just kidding! :)


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