CT Tax-Free Week

A Great Time For Back-To-School Shopping!

It pays to plan ahead!

Connecticut offers a tax-free week starting Sunday and ending on Saturday, for clothing and footwear that's under $300 per item. That’s a 6.35 percent savings on each item!

Need to do some school shopping? Need new shoes? Time to upgrade your family’s fall and winter wardrobe?

Now is the time! How much will you save this year?

Helpful hint: Don’t forget to comparison shop, look for sales, and use coupons! And don’t buy items simply because it’s tax-free week. Even though you will save on the sales and use taxes for this week, you may be able to find better deals another time. Shop smart!

Stephen King August 24, 2011 at 04:08 AM
Also, here's a helpful hint don't forget to compare these purchases on the deals you can get on the Internet and in New Hampshire. Many Internet retailers offer free shipping and don't charge sales tax unless they have a physical presence in Connecticut. Planning a little excursion getaway to Maine? Why not stop off on the way back in New Hampshire and stock up on a few things. Try to use gift cards on the Internet and cash in New Hampshire whenever possible. I know in Vermont the department of revenue is pulling credit card statements of residents to identify "out of state purchases." I wouldn't doubt it if Connecticut does the same. And for those of you who may think this is shameful- don't judge too harshly after all this is what we have to resort to to survive considering most of the tax burden falls to those least able to afford them.


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