CT Catholic Church: Safety Comes First Before Mass Attendance

Parishioners in Montville should heed safety directions from local officials before trying to make it to Mass this weekend.


The main body of the Catholic Church in Connecticut is giving a pass to its faithful on Mass attendance this weekend due to the heavy snow accumulation dumped on the state following the blizzard.

The Archdiocese of Hartford released this statement to Catholics who wish to or have concerns about attending Mass today or Sunday.

“Regarding the attendance at Mass this weekend, Catholics should, first and foremost, carefully heed the safety directives of state and local officials. Members of the Church who plan to attend Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday should use prudence and extreme caution. 

In those situations where the conditions are extremely difficult or dangerous, the faithful are reminded that they are, of course, dispensed from the normal obligation. (Code of Canon Law, Canon 1248 § 2)."

Similarly, a Diocese of Norwich spokesman said that dioceses affected by the blizzard "would extend dispensation for those unable to safely attend Mass this Sunday," in The Day. 


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